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Aired: 1999-10-30 (Live)
Theater: The Fitzgerald Theater
City: St. Paul, MN


Live from St. Paul, MN With the Scottish group The Battlefield Band and Classical violinist Gil Shaham.

Live from St. Paul, Minnesota, with classical violinist Gil Shaham, Adele Anthony, and four lads from Glasgow - The Battlefield Band.


Opening Theme

"Oh, hear that old piano from down the avenue. I smell the [noun], I look around for you.
Oh my sweet, sweet old someone, coming through that door. It's Saturday, the band is playing - honey, could we ask for more?"
- Tishomingo Blues


00:00 Logo
00:12 Tishomingo
02:12 Good to Be with You
07:02 Halloween Interviews
14:21 Applause - GK Intro Gil Shaham and Adele Anthony
15:35 GK and Gil Talk
17:55 Moskowski Suite in G Minor, Opus 71, 1st Movement
23:08 Applause
23:42 Sweet Georgia Brown
26:58 Applause-GK Back Announce
27:25 Powdermilk Biscuit Spot:
27:49 Music Break
28:54 GK Sings Powdermilk Theme
29:09 Larry
37:30 Run, Joe
40:10 Applause-GK Intro the Battlefield Band
42:10 Jesse Ventura
45:49 Applause
46:02 Alan Talk
46:37 The Last Trip Home
51:23 Applause-GK Back Announce
51:53 GK Intro "The Raven"
52:12 The Raven
102:01 Breton Slow Air/Brake Your Bass Drone
104:19 Applause
104:44 I Found a New Baby
108:04 Welcome Back to the Second Half of Our Show
108:41 Vampire Therapy
112:51 Are You Lonesome Reprise
113:16 Greetings
117:10 Leclair Sonata in E Minor For 2 Violins
119:42 Applause-GK Talk to Gil Shaham
120:22 One Kind Favor
124:02 Applause
124:15 Monologue
148:20 Something in the Attic
150:13 Applause
150:36 Brain Surgery
153:45 Applause
154:11 Funky Set
156:55 Applause
157:36 Bad Moon Rising
158:21 That's Our Show for Tonight!